So, you’d like some GRRREAT sex

If you’re here, reading this, chances are you’re on the hunt for something fun and new to spice up your sex life. Perhaps you’ve been in a relationship for a while and things have fizzled, so you need to rev those libido engines again. Maybe you’ve tried it all already, maybe sexy lingerie isn’t enough and the other “kinky” things you’ve found just aren’t your thing. You don’t want to do anything terribly “weird,” you just want to get the passion and fire back in your bedroom.

GREAT SEX: The KEY Ingredient.

So I have a question for you. If you knew there was 1 thing you could do to ensure your sex would be GRRREAT every time, wouldn’t you make you sure you did it? I bet you would. Well, I’m here to tell you precisely what that key ingredient is, and how to use it to fire up your bedroom behavior, increase your pleasure, and revive the spark in your relationship.

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How this couple rocked their sex life.

Sometimes, I get a really nice reminder of exactly why I’m doing this work. It’s why I spend hours upon hours teaching couples how to seduce one another. It’s why I continue to write blogs like this one, appear on radio shows, and it’s also why, for the last year, I’ve been working day and night to perfect my killer one-of-a-kind sex app 101 Nights!

My hottest seduction story.

So, being a public sex expert can be a funny gig sometimes. At times, it’s the most amazing job in the world and I can’t believe the awesome people I get meet day to day. Other times, I ask myself if my life shouldn’t just be one, huge, ridiculous reality show because of the kinds of experiences I have!