My hottest seduction story.

So, being a public sex expert can be a funny gig sometimes. At times, it’s the most amazing job in the world and I can’t believe the awesome people I get meet day to day. Other times, I ask myself if my life shouldn’t just be one, huge, ridiculous reality show because of the kinds of experiences I have! By far, the most memorable moment of my career with my seductions was when I appeared on the Opie & Anthony radio show in New York. There I was, surrounded by sports dudes and jocks in the studio. Jay Mohr, the actor, comedian, and sports announcer was also on the show that day, and we had a good time bantering around before it was “showtime” so to speak.

While on the air, the hosts asked me to rip out my hottest seduction from 101 Nights and read it out loud. I had already told them my favorite. Hey, it was the hottest sex of my life! So I went for # 25, also called: She’s Out of Control, and opened it. I won’t give everything away but let’s just say it has a pretty big S&M component.

It took me 3 whole minutes to read the entire seduction on air for millions of listeners. The entire studio: Opie, Anthony, Jay, and a crew of jocks were totally silent. Mouths agape. I’m not sure they breathed while I explained every dirty little detail in my sultriest voice. I could tell by how they looked at me: they wished they had the balls to seduce a woman the way I described.

As soon as it was over, Jay looked at me with eyes like “will you marry me?” I laughed. He was already married! They were putty in my hands, and it’s not just because I’m hot. ;) It’s because they have fantasies like these, because everyone does! They just need the courage, and the know-how, to do it.

Everyone wants to be seduced. Everyone. We all have fantasies, and we all want them to happen, we just have to take the action to make them happen.

What action can you take today to make your fantasies come true? Maybe it’s checking out my app 101 Nights, and boldly asking your partner to give it a shot with you!

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