How this couple rocked their sex life.

Sometimes, I get a really nice reminder of exactly why I’m doing this work. It’s why I spend hours upon hours teaching couples how to seduce one another. It’s why I continue to write blogs like this one, appear on radio shows, and it’s also why, for the last year, I’ve been working day and night to perfect my killer one-of-a-kind sex app 101 Nights!

When I hear about how all of these products I’ve created have changed people’s lives, saved marriages, and provided tons and tons of orgasms (no shame here!)  - I can’t help but feel completely at peace.

Recently, I got a nice little reality check that made me go “ahhhhhh.”

My newest 2016 edition of 101 Nights of Great Sex hit stores recently, and it wasn’t long before I was raking in raves from happy customers. One in particular, Ted, gave me a nice case of the warm and fuzzies with his feedback. Luckily, he gave me permission to share his experience here on the blog.

In short, 101 Nights of Great Sex helped Ted turn his girlfriend into his fiancé!

Ted said:

"Laura, I'm writing you to tell you that seduction number 21, "Rock Her World," from your book 101 Nights of Great Sex, helped us get engaged! I know I shouldn't give anything away but needless to say, I really rocked her world with the most romantic, hottest sex ever. Thank you for such an exciting, romantic, and memorable night."

Um, well, my heart is melting! Now, I bet you might be wondering what that seduction entails that it ended in an engagement! It’s pretty spectacular, I’m not going to lie, but… you have to buy the book to get all of those details!

If you’re also enjoying the experiences and hot, steamy nights that 101 Nights of Great Sex has given you, share your story below! Don’t tell us everything as we want to make sure we keep things discreet. ;)