GREAT SEX: The KEY Ingredient.

So I have a question for you. If you knew there was 1 thing you could do to ensure your sex would be GRRREAT every time, wouldn’t you make you sure you did it? I bet you would. Well, I’m here to tell you precisely what that key ingredient is, and how to use it to fire up your bedroom behavior, increase your pleasure, and revive the spark in your relationship.

But before I dig in and tell you all the dirty details, I want you to remember the last time you felt truly excited. Perhaps it was right before you were about to see your favorite band, or a movie you had been dying to catch. You knew the day was coming, so you knew you’d be delighted, entertained, enthralled, enraptured, but you just weren’t sure how. And then it was the day before. And then the hour before. And then 30 minutes before.

Your heart skipped a beat, or even thumped a little. You got goosebumps, and the hairs on your arms stood on end. You might have even felt butterflies for a moment.

Because you were in the grip of ANTICIPATION. You were caught between knowing that something was coming, but not knowing exactly what it was or how it would feel. It’s that moment between surprise and experience where your imagination runs wild. Anticipation makes you wonder, it makes you fantasize, it makes you tingle. All feelings that are critical to having sex that doesn’t just scratch an itch, but makes your entire body feel like you’re walking on cloud 9.

THIS is the KEY ingredient for great sex. So how do you use this amazing feat of science to enhance your sex life? Simple.

First, you must become the seducer and take the initiative. That means: plan something sexy for your partner, and then, let them know, ever so subtly, that something special is on its way. Give them hints, teases, and flirts. Create a mystery to build that surge of anticipation. This can be as simple as sending a text to your partner to let them know that you’re thinking of them, writhing in ecstasy, in the middle of your workday. Or it can be as elaborate as hiding a gift at home, and dropping them hints on where to find it. The result? Fireworks. Your partner will be buzzing, turned on, and impatiently awaiting what else you’ve got in store.

That’s just one small suggestion, but all of my products are designed to help you build anticipation for a totally incredible sex life, 365 days a year! Every relationship expert agrees: making your partner feel special with the anticipation of something new and surprising is the KEY to keeping your sex life vibrant and pulsating.

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