"This is not just another sex book. 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex uses ‘secret sealed seductions’ with special instructions for a love task or favor that each partner tears out and completes for one another. Sounds simple but the anticipation and mystery makes even the smallest gestures pretty thrilling."

Barbara Walters on the View

“No one knows more about the art of seduction than Laura Corn.” - Lissa Rankin, MD OB/GYN

“As an OB/GYN and blogger, 101 Nights is one of my most frequently recommended books. I prescribe it to patients suffering from decreased libido, recommend it to mentoring clients seeking more pleasure, and blog about it as a way to explore the true desires of your authentic sensual self. Plus, (don’t tell my mother!), my own copy of 101 Nights is well loved, tattered, and torn up. My husband thanks you!”

Men's Perspective Magazine

"Author Laura Corn has hit on an amazingly simple wonder. Virtually none of these 'recipes' is unheard of, but it is the simplicity of putting them into the 'time release' format which is a touch of brilliance here. The tease factor involved is incredible."

USA Today

"In bedrooms around the nation, couples are examining sealed suggestions from Laura Corn's book, 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex. The book presents 50 suggestions for him and 50 for her, as well as a final suggestion for the couple. Each playful tip comes in a sealed envelope that the reader pulls out from the book. The major problem in the bedroom is simply boredom, Corn says. She designed her book to be a 'course in the erotic arts.' The sealed envelope adds an element of surprise and anticipation."


"This is oodles of fun! This book guarantees discovery, innovation and debate—and when your sex life's worth chatting about, you know you're making progress."


“Loaded With Recipes For Licentious Loving, 101 Nights of Great Sex gives lovers permission to sin with the safety of a script and a fun way to palpate the passion.”




“We’re happily married for four years with two small children and this book has made us feel like newlyweds again!”

“Go ahead! Tear that page! I dare you!! 101 Nights of Great Sex is so much fun! There is SEX in the title, but the planning, playfulness, and anticipation are all part of what leads up to the GRRREAT SEX!!! And we mean GRRREAT! So far my brother and his wife, my wife’s brother and his wife, our nephew and his wife, and several friends have rushed to get this book…and they are all raving about it too! Our hats (and a few other things) off to Laura Corn for this inspiring book! We keep smiling at each other for the last page we’ve done and also with anticipation of the next!!!.”

“I have heard Laura on a number of radio talk shows and finally decided to break down and buy her book. Let me tell you, I’m glad I did. This book is adult fun through and through! I cannot get that point across enough. It really makes you feel like a kid again when it comes to your love life. If you’ve been with the same person for a while you’ll feel yourself reconnect with them like you didn’t think was possible.”

“11 years of marriage… boring no more!! Anticipation is the secret key to the whole thing…it’s very exciting and makes you more open and willing to explore your own sexuality. We went from ok…to WOW! Definitely worth it!”

“I got this book for my husband on our 6th anniversary and we have had so much fun with it! I didn’t realize why the pages were all sealed up until we got it and that is 80% of what is so fun. You never know what’s coming and you can’t wait to see what you’re doing next. It is a great book and I think a wonderful present for a fun-loving couple.”

“It’s so hard to find the time and energy to think of creative, sensual activities to strengthen your relationship and explore each other’s bodies. When you get into a rut in your sex life, this is the book to get you out! I highly recommend it!”

“What did ’101 Nights of GRRReat Sex’ do for us? Quite simply it created the impetus to begin salvaging our marriage. Literally everything that I listed in the opening paragraph has begun to change…when my wife decided to work on our relationship physically by utilizing this book, it transformed every part of our time together. All of the old arguments, all of the snide remarks, the needless stress…it’s all disappearing.”

“We have had so much fun with this book! Its fun to be in the same room when one of those little pages is ripped open, and hear the response to it. Hearing a giggle or an OH MY! makes your imagination run wild. The anticipation building up to the event is amazing, and we haven’t been disappointed yet. We are both playful and naughty by nature, but having this book so early in our relationship ensures that we won’t be taking anything for granted in the future. AND we have two preschoolers in the house, so it is doable!!!”

“I think this is a great book! Our sexual life used to be in a rut until my husband read this book that is. Now, he satisfies me every time, and we do it more often. I love this book!”

“This is an excellent book for any couple that wants to spend some fun, quality, and very intimate time together. Some of the suggestions are a little off the wall…but that’s what makes it fun. It got us to try things that we would have never done….and in the process brought us a lot closer!!”

“Drop everything and buy this book now!! If I could give this book ten stars I would. My husband and I have had this book for five months and it’s been a TREMENDOUS help. We’ve been together for five years and you could set a schedule and a stopwatch to our romantic life. Some of things in the seductions are things we’ve done before, but Laura put a new twist on them and made them fresh and exciting. Other things we would of never thought or dared to do, but we committed to do whatever we picked, and boy is it worth it! It’s like we’re having a hot and steamy affair with each other! I have recommended this book to all of my friends and even my mom.”

“The Most Amazing Sex Of My Life. I can't thank Laura Corn enough! No.25 “She's Out of Control” changed our life...lets just say it was the most out of control sex ever! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! We still giggle about that night.”

“This Book Was Recommended By Another Married Friend Of Ours and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. The anticipation of what will happen next keeps us both guessing and ready for anything. We have two small children and have been happily married for four years. This book has made us feel like newlyweds again! It’s so easy to forget about the “fun” in sex with small kids in the house, but now we’ve gone back to doing things with spice thanks to Laura Corn’s sexy suggestions. Even if you don’t do the scenarios EXACTLY the way she has them planned they’re still exciting and fun. A must have for every couple who enjoys something new in the bedroom!”

"Perhaps the best way to provide feedback for this book is to first establish context: 18 years of marriage, two kids in grade-school, two working professionals, extensive business travel, poor diet, large debt andintrusive in-laws. What did '101 Nights of GRRReat Sex' do for us? Quite simply, it created the impetus to begin salvaging our marriage. Literally everything that I listed in the opening paragraph has begun to change. When my wife decided to work on our relationship physically by utilizing this book, it transformed every part of our time together. All of the old arguments, all of the snide remarks, the needless's all disappearing. "I can't get her out of my head and the fantasies that the book helps me to create for her (and vice versa) have been transformative. We didn't fall out of love, we fell out of context with the best part of ourselves. '101 Nights of GRRReat Sex' is a tremendous tool for lovers old and new... I wish that I had purchased it 18 years ago!"




“We feel reborn! This book is fabulous. We have been married 28 years and are now feeling like a couple of teenagers going out on dates! I’ve become the wild woman from Borneo and my husband is constantly smiling. I am so glad I found this book!”

“Yum this book is a brilliant idea. My husband and I were looking for some ideas out of the ordinary to show our appreciation for one another. 101 Nights is perfect. The anticipation of not knowing what your partner is planning is like sweet torture. We’ve never been so turned-on!”

"Laura Corn's book is simply wonderful. The idea is so simple, yet it works very well. The book is filled with 101 ideas for romantic evenings. 50 are for him, 50 for her (with the last one to be done together). The seductions are sealed shut, so you can't see what's inside them. All you know before opening it is the title, approximately what it will cost you, whether food or travel (by car) is required, and what season (if any) it is appropriate for.

Each week one or both of you take one and work on pulling off this romantic evening. A lot of the fun comes from knowing how much your partner will enjoy all the effort you put into the evening.

The ideas inside are very good. Some of them are simple and require little planning. Others are more elaborate. But all are fun to do. I won't spoil it for you by telling you what any of them are, but, suffice to say, they are simply great.

It is true that there may be one or two that do not fit your personal situation. However, the plans are usually broad enough that with a little thought and some modification, you can usually make it work.

One caveat: Laura usually describes on the cover of each seduction how much it is going to cost. In reality, you should probably count on spending a bit more than she plans; especially if you make your own customizations to the plans she provides. My wife and I have given this book to others we know and would recommend it to anyone who wants to rekindle those flames of romance; or to anyone who is simply a romantic at heart."

"I got the book and video as a gift and am now recommending them both to everyone I know. I have never had such an incredible sex life. The intimacy between me and my partner has dramatically increased as we are now 100 times more comfortable with each other's desires and needs. I found the video to be easier to follow and more comprehensive than the book, but together they do wonders for a long-lasting relationship."


"You'll know it's working because you can't stop smiling!"

"My husband is constantly smiling! And I become the wild woman from Borneo. We feel reborn after 28 years of marriage!"

"We're eager for the next seduction while still smiling about the last! I thought this book would be a great gift for my husband. Now I'm not sure who has gotten more out of it - him or me!"

"I haven't seen my sweetheart this happy in years! Guys: if you want to be romantic, but can't seem to get it together, this book is for you!"

"Yummmmmm! The anticipation of not knowing what your partner is planning for you is sweet torture. We have never been so turned-on!"

"Terrific left between you and your lover. Laura Corn's suggestions sometimes required guts, but the results always put adventure and spice back into your love life."

"This book help save our marriage. My husband and I love each other tremendously, yet lack of creativity to come up with ideas to keep our relationship growing and healthy. This book breaks the monotony and adds excitement to your life."

"Rekindle those flames of romance. This book is simply wonderful! My wife and I have given it to all our friends. Laura Corn's ideas are perfect for anyone who is a romantic at heart."

"Wow - it works! My husband and I are having a great time each week, surprising each other and being surprised. Try it!"

"Great for budgeting dates!"




"The best present ever." Karena

“I purchased this book about 3 weeks ago for my Husband’s birthday and it's been the only gift that keeps giving and giving and giving. Laura has created 50 Dares for her to do for him and 50 Dares for him to surprise her with. Each Dare gives you new and fresh ideas on how to tease and seduce your partner. We have only ripped out 4 Dares total, but the anticipation of these sexy scenarios is unreal. We have made a commitment to finish this book because it has added so much excitement to our life.”

"Laura Corn, I accept your Dare." Maranda

"There was nothing particularly wrong with our relationship. My wife and I just wanted to try something new in the bedroom. The first "Dare" I pulled out of the book was written by a celebrity called, "Dear Advisor." The dare itself was simple to do and I couldn't believe how thrilled me wife was to receive my surprise. I look forward to next week, when it is my wife's turn to be Dared by Laura."

"Oh my, this book is AMAZING. 101 Sexy Dares is like my Best Friend giving me permission to step outside of my comfort zone and do something a little daring for my guy. I will admit some of the Dares made me a little nervous, but in the end they were everything we ever needed to bring the romance and spice back into our bedroom. I recommend this book to any couple looking for a little excitement in the romance department. "

"We have been married for several years and after having a couple kids the passion and excitement seems to have dwindled somewhat, which I think is typical. Sometimes it just tough for both of you to be on the same page regarding some fun in the bedroom. However, we have tried a few of the dares, 1 a week for the last month, and they have helped bring back the passion and excitement we once had. I enjoy the fact that she doesn’t know what I am planning (dare) and vice versa. It makes you think about each other in a sexual way a lot more leading up to the dare, wondering what she is planning or what I can do to highten her anticipation. The dares are things that you just might not of thought of doing, nothing to kinky (as of yet) but you can also add your own touches to them. The sense of anticipation is wonderful for both the receiving and the giving partner. I highly recommend this book if you want to get things going again and enjoy trying some new things. Its been working great for us."

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years and the excitement can die down at times. My girlfriend highly recommended this book for us. I ordered it for him for V-day and I was hoping he would follow the directions and not peek at the dares. Good news is we can't peek because the dares have to be ripped out of the book in order to open them up and see the fun surprise! Every other page is "For HIS Eyes Only" and the others are "For HER Eyes Only". Each page has a short description such as -- "FORGET ME KNOT" (For HER Eyes Only) and "STAND, IF YOU CAN" (For HIS Eyes Only). This will be fun for the both of us!


"Recently, my wife and I began looking for ways to start exploring our unfulfilled fantasies. After buying this book, reading it together and choosing the fantasies we both were intrigued by (and there were many), we started to really put this book to use.

At first we followed the instructions given to the "t" and, for the most part, the results were amazing. But, like with anything, you also have to make these "dares" your own.

My biggest like about this book, is that when you and your partner have very different ideas of what a "sexy dare" is, a book like this really helps you to find middle ground."