IS NOT A BOOK YOU READ It’s a book you do!

How to play:

There are 101 Secret Sealed Seductions in the book.
Yep, every page is sealed shut.

50 Secret Seductions written for his eyes only.
50 Secret Seductions written for her eyes only.
Plus 1 very special seduction shared by both of you.


... The two of you flipping through the sealed pages every week,
(it’s like window shopping for sex!) - selecting a seduction for each other and tearing ‘em out of the book.
... Heading to separate rooms to read your secret instructions,
so you’re not tempted to peek! Keep your ears open for little gasps and lots of “Oh my!s
... Deciding who goes first,
confirming a date with your sweetie for the main event
and the sweet torture of anticipation beginning.
... Your partner,
dropping heart-pounding little hints as they prepare your sexy surprise.
... The big night arriving,
and your lover leading you into new worlds of erotic adventure, passion
and shuddering pleasure.
... Doing the same thing to your partner,
and loving every steamy minute.

So go ahead, tear this book up... Please!